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Shoah Academy official opening (January 25, 2012, Jewish Community Zagreb premises)
Left to right: Luciano Prelevic, Chief Rabbi for Croatia and Monte Negro, Zeljko Jovanovic, Minister of Science, Ivo Josipovic, President of the State, Ognjen Kraus, President of Zagreb Jewish Community, Sanja Zoricic-Tabakovic, JCZ vice-president, Zrinka Vrabec Mojzes, President of the State Office, Yossi Amrani, Israeli Ambassador to Croatia, Aleksandar Tolnauer, President of The National Minorities Council in Croatia

The history of modern Europe  was built on fundamental values; freedom and democracy. On the other hand the European history was fulfilled with the worst atrocities. Some of them occurred not so long time ago. Despite the facts that European culture was built by different national groups which were strongly supported by ethnic or religious minorities a sense of shared values, common history and culture is still not fully adopted. Violence, hatred and impiety of certain minority groups are still present.

Shoah Academy  is a project established by The Jewish Community of Zagreb and The Representative of the Jewish National Minority in the City of Zagreb. It is focused on ensuring the pertinent remembrance, honor and respect for the history and its victims and the education on human rights. The aim of the project is to foster action and debate on that particular topics with the reflection to history and comparison with EU experience, legislation and adopted standards. The overall goal is to include the Croatian educational system in whole (students, teachers and state authorities), to provide knowledge and to ensure proper education on historic events. The project will be based on events related to Holocaust and the experiences of Holocaust survivors. The main goals are awakening consciousness about all forms of violence, intolerance, breach of civil and human rights and preventing such occurrences.  It will also focus on the environment which is basically responsible for allowing any kind of atrocity. Therefore it will be dealing with the phenomena from different point of views.

The idea of the project is to teach about Holocaust as an example of the worst atrocity against mankind at  first hand. The participants will be confronted with the history of the Jewish Community with its artifacts, the people, its historic contribution, and its faith. They will be able to encounter Holocaust survivors and also to learn about prerequisites and the conditions in the society which lead to violence from eminent Croatian scholars. The lectures will be combined with workshops, films, presentations..

Shoah Academy Program in 2013 is supported by European Jewish Fund and Education
and Teacher Training Agency.

Human rights (Zoran Pusić, dr.sc.)
Psychology (Mirjana Krizmanić, Ph.D.)
Media (Zlatan Gelb, Ph.D.)
History (Neven Budak, Ph.D., Tvrtko Jakovina, dr.sc.)
Sociology (Renato Matić, Ph.D.)
Art History (Snješka Knežević, Ph.D.)
Philosophy (Žarko Puhovski, Ph.D.)
USHMM, Washington (Emil Kerenji, Ph.D.)
USHMM, Washington (Nicole Frechette, Ph.D.)
Yad Vashem (Schlomit Dunkelblom Steiner, dr.sc.)
Yad Vashem (Noah Makayton, dr.sc.)
Otto Konstein (Auschwitz & Bergen Behlsen survivor)
Boris Braun (Auschwitz survivor)
Lea Fuerst Kriesbacher (survivor)
Mira Altarac Hadji - Ristić (survivor)
Contact: jcz@zg.t-com.hr or visit www.zoz.hr